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On an AskWomen thread on Redditstrippers are sharing their top strip club etiquette tips, as well as disclosing the annoying things ofder wish customers wouldn't. Here are three things every strip club customer should know:.

No you wont get my phone number either, you can look up SO much cluns about someone just from their phone number. This industry is still underground and largely stigmatized, we have every right to protect. It's important for customers to remember the transactional nature of this relationship. The perfect customer, as another commenter put dublin outcall massage, is one who says: Dude, she has to strip clubs that offer sex friendly, she's at work.

Smile, buy your latte, and move on, unless you're going to buy another latte I guess. One of the reasons men will try to "get to know" a dancer is because they think that will lead to them getting special treatment or some kind of discount. strip clubs that offer sex

Guys, that is not going to happen. And quibbling over price won't get you very far. Another stripper has three simple, easy rules that she expects customers to follow: Ask before you touch.

One of the more surprising pieces of information to emerge on the thread was not about how customers act, but what they wear, and what to do in order to avoid embarrassment in the strip clubs that offer sex lighting. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Here are three things every strip club customer should know: Don't ask a dancer for personal information.

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