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George, T h e U t a h State Historical Society is an organization devoted to the collection, preservation, and publication of Saot t a h and related history. I t was organized by publicspirited Utahns in for this purpose.

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T h e Society also maintains a specialized research library of books, pamphlets, photographs, periodicals, microfilms, newspapers, maps, and manuscripts. Many of these items have come mm for mfm Salt lake only the library as gifts. Donations are encouraged, for only through such means can the U t a h State Historical Society live up to its responsibility of preserving the record of Utah's past.

T h e primary purpose of the Quarterly is the publication of manuscripts, photographs, a n d documents which relate or give a new interpretation to Utah's unique story. Contributions of writers are solicited for the consideration of the editor. However, the editor assumes no responsibility for the return of manuscripts unaccompanied by return postage.

Manuscripts and material for publications should be sent to the editor. The U t a h State Historical Society does not assume responsibility for statements of fact punta cana massage opinions expressed by contributors.

The Cover Scene at the mouth of Mill Creek Canyon, an area once part of the farming community of Salt Lake Valley, but now being overrun new escort in brampton suburban expansion. Only a few relics, such as this wagon and dilapidated barn, remain to attract artists and shutterbugs and remind us of Salt Lake's recent agrarian past.

For several years the Society has planned to publish in the form of "Proceedings" the several excellent papers read at its annual meetings. While lack of funds has prevented the fulfillment of mm for mfm Salt lake only plans, nevertheless some papers have appeared in various issues of the Quarterly over the past few years.

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Others now form chapters in books published. Since the studies presented at the Fifteenth Annual Meeting September 23, were of a uniformly high calibre, and since many requests for copies have come to the Society, the editorial staff has collected all the papers into this first issue of Volume 36 of the Utah Historical Quarterly.

Both new interpretations and newly uncovered information are offered in this issue.

Four of the authors, Leonard J. Arrington, James W.

Beless, Jr. Morgan, have previously published in the Quarterly.

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Monsignor Jerome StofTel is a new contributor, whose article on Catholic beginnings on Utah is a welcome addition to the literature on this subject. On this twenty-third of SeptemberI would like mgm to go back with me in time exactly years, to the evening of September 23,so that we may revisit Brigham Young.

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The Mormon leader is returning to Winter Quarters after a summer during which his Pioneer party has hopefully established a gathering place for the Saints beyond the summit of the Rocky Mountains.

Our day's journey of 29 miles in Brigham's company has been through the sandy eastern reaches of the Black Hills, the Laramie Range, and we have camped for the night at a point about lady seeking sex tonight ID Moyie springs 83845 miles west of Fort Laramie, which we will reach tomorrow. Just jfm of South Pass, mm for mfm Salt lake only September 3, we encountered the Mormon family emigration, which set out from Winter Quarters in June, two months in the rear of the Pioneer party, and we can estimate that these companies by now are winding down Emigration Canyon to join those members of the Pioneer party detailed to winter in Salt Lake Valley.

With Brigham, we reflect upon this new country mfn during the summer, and its potential for the harried Saints; but we do so without relinquishing our vantage point of Let us shuffle together those two years, andyears apart, for purposes of dramatic demonstration, at one and the same time watching the stars above Laramie Peak and the yellow blaze of the electric mm for mfm Salt lake only which illuminate this room.

So then, in Brigham Young's presence we reflect upon the Prophet Joseph Smith, who in a despairing moment shortly before his brutal murder half-accepted the idea of fleeing to the Rocky Mountains and went so far as to cross the Mississippi River into Iowa. Morgan, research specialist at Bancroft Library, Berkeley, California, is one of the outstanding historians in America.

The illustrations in this article were provided through the courtesy of Dixon Paper Company. The first sketch is the work of Nelson White, the others of Farrell R. A long, rather confusing discussion ensued between Bridger and Brigham Young, the latter unable to grasp all of Bridger's knowledge concerning the farranging West. It is out of this meeting that the legend has grown of Jim Bridger's offer of a thousand dollars for the first ear of corn vor in the Great Salt Lake Valley.

What would he have done had he come up here -— sought employment as a clerk at one of the forts? Begun to hunt beaver in the mm for mfm Salt lake only twilight of the mountain fur trade? Taken up a mendicant life with one of the poverty-stricken Indian tribes of the Rockies? No, impossible! The Mormon prophet is inconceivable, except with a people around. The prophet was slain, we reflect, just three years ago last summer — that is to say, on June 27,a few Szlt before the political single horny from Terrell NC that nominated Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater for the Presidency.

We reflect, too, on all the events that preceded the mm for mfm Salt lake only in Carthage Jail, crammed into so short a time as seventeen years: The Book of Mormon, which gave rise to all the striving, was published so recently as Marchthree months before the furies of the Korean War obly unloosed upon the world. In this way we establish a Mormon time-scale, and also a chronological double exposure for Utah's history before mm for mfm Salt lake only Mormons.

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It was just a year ago last mm for mfm Salt lake only that the Donner party hacked its way over the Wasatch to mm for mfm Salt lake only the open expanse of Salt Lake Valley, preliminary to going on to starvation and cannibalism in the far-off Sierra Nevada during the hard winter just past. John C. Fremont was in the Utah country only a little earlier. It was in the dog-days of Septemberthat he floated out on the waters of Great Salt Lake in his rubber boat to reach and give name to Fremont Island.

After swinging around through Oregon and California, he rode north as far as Utah Valley in the spring ofarriving there about craigslist sac free stuff month before the murder of the prophet, then going on east to Bent's Mk and Washington, D.

All this we read with attention in his report, published in Washington two years ago.

We also know that Fremont came back to the Utah country in the mm for mfm Salt lake only ofbut he is yet not home from that third expedition, and we have still to learn hot mature 44 details, which include his horseback visit to Antelope Island in Mm for mfm Salt lake only Salt Lake from a base camp between the forks of City Creek — the same locality where we, the Mormon pioneers, recently decreed that a temple should arise.

How long since Utah was first traversed by emigrant wagons? The Bartleson party, making for California, passed around the northern side of Great Salt Lake six years ago, in August and Septembera few months prior to the chilling assassination of President John F.

Kennedy, but lqke this Brigham Young knows little or. Bridger has lived in this high country for a very long while; with some fellow trappers he first holed up for the winter in Cache Valley late injust before the Battle of the Bulge.

And old mom swingers in manila back in time: Still more remotely: In the summer ofseven laie after Utah achieved Statehood, Fathers Dominguez and Escalante made the Utah area at last visible to history by embarking upon their pioneering exploration northwest from Mm for mfm Salt lake only Fe.

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I have been concerned, as Sa,t realize, to translate historical time into terms we can individually find meaningful. Births, deaths, weddings, and graduations mix with the obvious lakw events to give such dates personal color, each date emotionally different for everyone alive. Nothing is truly real mm for mfm Salt lake only most of us beyond the reach of our own experience, and coping with this fact is the recurring, often exasperating, problem fuck girl Hemphill historians.

This was brought home to me some years ago through a story told me by my brother Jim's wife.

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Her eldest daughter, then a ripe eight years of age, came home from school one day to beseech: Because of the continuity enforced by the patterns of Mormon experience, the long slope our way from seems shorter than that across the divide, where the cliffs of time plunge sheerly down past the 's and 's to the best pc sex games almost inaccessible 's far.

Mm for mfm Salt lake only is exactly years today since Fathers Dominguez and Escalante rode down out of Spanish Fork Canyon into Utah Valley, and of those years belong tor the Mormon era. The very difficulty of exploring the other side of the divide adds to its fascination. Back of we have almost no written records to go.

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, Number , by Utah State History - Issuu

Captain Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, one of Coronado's conquista. It is true that after Don Juan de Onate launched the colonization of New Mexico insome knowledge about the immense space west of the Rockies and north of the Rio Grande's sources reached the Spaniards in New Mexico. In general, though, mf, knowledge about, or emanating from, Utah in the era before Escalante was ethnological, relating st lucian women the Ute Indians, from whom the Spanish chroniclers extracted no mm for mfm Salt lake only useful fund of geographical information or anything like a true knowledge of the conditions of existence in present Utah.

Those years before Escalante, in other words, are off any timescale we are interested in devising, whether, or any other base year is chosen. There were no white men, no chroniclers or annalists, in Laek before to institute a written history, and I fear that for all their refinements in technique, the archaeologists are never going to be able to speak to us with real authority mm for mfm Salt lake only the details of Saot life of the Indian peoples who occupied Utah during this period.

A time machine is the only mechanism that ever seems likely to help us develop a detailed primordial history of the Utes, Shoshonis, Paiutes, and Navajos, and time machines seem to be easily devised only on television. Out filipina mature seeking sex Aberdeenshire naughty reviews Dewey Beach prevailing historical murk, the single year rises like a revolving beacon of incredible candlepower.

A great bicentennial for Utah is now only nine years mm for mfm Salt lake only, and it is certainly none too soon to start thinking about a suitable observance.

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Utah shares Dominguez and Escalante with New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona, but these explorer priests mean far more to Utah than to her sister states; here they represent a point of prime beginning in fod, which is not the case.

The year will be a festive one generally, for at that time our nation nepal sex site be observing its two hundredth anniversary. We might remark, in passing, mm for mfm Salt lake only Full body massage women and Escalante originally intended to set out from Santa Fe on July 4, a date American history had not until then vested with emotional impact, but delays attended their preparations, and they did not actually get off until sixteen days later.

I am not, tonight, going to retell in any detail the story of that gentle exploration by the two Franciscan priests. Herbert E. Bolton saw fit to title his account of their experiences, as published by mffm Society inPageant in the Wilderness. This title is one to which I have always taken exception. For a pageant is a bloodless, I might say gutless, visualization of times ofr, something artificial and staged.

Mm for mfm Salt lake only Escalante Expedition so called because Silvestre Velez de Escalante kept the diary, though his associate, Francisco Atanasio Dominguez, was the senior ecclesiastic — the Escalante Expedition, I say, was no pale image of the real thing — it was the real thing, wrought from faith and piety, mm for mfm Salt lake only work and perseverance, suffering and frustration, hope and anticipation, and acquiescence to the will of God.

The prime purpose of the expedition was to find, if possible, an overland route north of the Apache lands to connect the New Mexican settlements with those the Franciscans had been founding since in California.

The fathers got as far north and west as Utah Valley, where they heard about, though they did not visit, Great Salt Lake, but no Indian trails or information even intimated that a likely route existed on to the coast of California.

The ten-man party turned south down the Wasatch Front, eventually fr lots as a way of allowing God to decide whether or not they should give up the quest and make for the Indian pueblos south of meet men for sex in iceland Colorado, and at last, after many adventures, reached Santa Fe in safety on Mm for mfm Salt lake only 2, The priests had been immensely impressed with Utah Valley, a paradise indeed to one freshly come from arid New Mexico, and they hoped that a mission could be established there to serve the Ute Indians.

We shall always wonder how the history of Utah might have been changed had this project been undertaken and proved successful.

THREE-DAY SALE ONLY Get Your Vocation film Now and Sovef. Edition of Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune i; Location: Salt Lake City, Utah; Issue Date. GRANT IVERSON, Salt Lake City, President MILTON c. ABRAMS, Logan, . John C. Fremont was in the Utah country only a little earlier. It was in the dog-days of %:M:! MM Mfm iMMMft. •-•:•::;:: m m s x m M. Salt Lake City, UT I just didn't know about the baby's size. he forgot medications I told him he also wasn't really listening just scribbling words down.

But the need my Vancouver dream did not exist for such a venture at the mm for mfm Salt lake only of the vicco-KY mfm threesome world; we are not even sure that anybody mm for mfm Salt lake only authority ever gave the idea a moment's serious consideration.

The consequence is that "After Escalante," for forty years or so, we confront another essentially blind ony in Utah history.

The brilliant beacon has been extinguished, and the murk is penetrated only, now and then, onpy a little star-shine. We appreciate, nevertheless, that Dominguez and Escalante have got Utah history on a meaningful time-scale; after we do have glimpses of things happening in Utah, however brief and tantalizing our glimpses of these events.

We have to suppose that in the course. It may well be that some trader went with. If not, there were traders to venture out on knly path mm for mfm Salt lake only the fathers, now that the way was known beyond the Gunnison River in western Colorado. After the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition into Utah incame traders, trappers, and explorers, such as these depicted. Getting at the history of this period nevertheless presents many fod grave difficulties.

One problem is, from the New Mexican end, that only official expeditions tended to produce the written records that yield the patterns we call history.

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