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poxtings Gender discrimination may be a hot-button issue here in the U. A new report from Human Rights Watch highlights widespread and blatant discrimination in Chinese job descriptions, despite its ostensibly being illegal. In fact, the highest incidence rates were found in government jobs. The report looked at 36, job descriptions posted in the last few gilmore AR adult personals, including and listings for civil service and government jobs.

The authors note that their work was conducted under increasing hostility and suppression of the topic by Chinese authorities, meaning no cooperation but perhaps some interference was expected. In the Ministry of Public Security, more than half eharmony couples jobs required the applicant be male.

When women are permitted or requested to apply, they are subject to gendered requirements: But more common are appearance-based demands: Women lucky enough to already be employed in major companies like Baidu and Tencent are used as lures for male applicants: Do women really read these postings are independent but not proud, sensitive but not melodramatic. They want to be your coworkers.

Do you want to be theirs? Its recommendations, though the Chinese authorities seem unlikely to heed them, are to modernize laws relating to discrimination and enforce the ones that exist.

China is in fact party to some international agreements to guarantee its citizens certain rights and quash discrimination when it is detected, so that may work as leverage.